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get the dirt on WYA — The Latest News and Happenings
There is always something happening at WYA. WYA is fortunate to have an abundance of volunteers and community organizations coordinating fundraising events, conducting educational seminars and youth activities.

Waterford Youth Assistance Volunteer of the Year
Congratulation to Waterford Youth Assistance's 2018 Volunteer of the Year, Howard Piotrovsky. Howard is the chairperson of the Shoplifting Prevention Committee and conducts a presentation for all 5th grade students in the Waterford School District. Thank you Howard for your dedication to the Waterford Community.

Betty Fortino Phoenix Rise Above Challenge Scholarship
Congratulation to Rion for being selected as the recipient of the Betty Fortino Phoenix Scholarship. Best of Luck to you furthering your education. Thanks Teresa and Charlie for honoring such an amazing student.

WYA Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday October 24, 2018 at Overtyme Grill and Tap Room. Thank you for everyone that came out and supported Waterford Youth Assistance. We look forward to another successful year. 

Betty Fortino Phoenix Scholarship Rise Above Challenge Scholarship Applications Available 
Applications are accepted until September 30, 2018 for the Betty Fortino Phoenix Scholarship. The $1,000 scholarship is granted to one Waterford student who rose to overcome a life challenge while attending school and volunteering in the community. Download the scholarship application or contact the WYA office for a copy.

WYA Seeks Bucket of Love Volunteers — Kickoff Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, August 28 at 10:00 a.m. at the P&R Building
Unique to Waterford Youth Assistance (WYA), the Bucket of Love program is an intergenerational program which brings together seniors/retirees with elementary school children. During weekly sessions, the mentors interact with selected youngsters at Waterford Schools. They engage in activities such as crafts, games, puzzles and lots of conversation. 

Bucket of Love volunteers are any caring senior/retiree who has an hour to spare with an elementary school child on a weekly basis during the school year. Although support is provided, you do not need special training — just a desire to be a friend to a child!

If this program interests you, join us Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Parks and Recreation Building 5640 Williams Lake Road. 

WYA offers Camp and Youth Enrichment Scholarships
Waterford Youth Assistance (WYA) offers special discounts and financial scholarships to Waterford residents for summer day and overnight camps as well as youth enrichment activities. WYA offers three scholarship in a lifetime for both scholarship categories (i.e., three youth enrichment and three camp per child). A maximum of $75 can be awarded depending upon the activity and is determined by the WYA committee chairperson. Refer to the flyer for information WYA scholarships.

WYA Celebrates 80 Students Making a Difference to the Community!
WYA applauds Waterford parents/guardians and the Waterford School District for producing remarkable students. WYA honored 80 students at the 31st Annual Youth Recognition Night. The WSD students were nominated for their selfless acts to improve the lives of others. Students were commended for personal achievements, simple acts of kindness in the classroom and school, and charitable work in Michigan, other states and countries. Thank you to all who participated in the event. Congratulations to Noah Dunsmore, recipient of the Betty Fortino award. 

Got Caught – Now What? 682 Fifth Graders Know the Consequences of Shoplifting
During the month of February, 682 fifth graders attended the Got Caught – Now What? seminar presented by Howard Piotrovsky, director of public safety at the Great Lakes Shopping Mall. This was the eighth consecutive year that all Waterford elementary schools participated in the WYA shoplifting prevention program. 

WYA Family and Youth Education Committee Hosts Taking Back Power: Children Need Parents Wednesday April 11, 2018
Most children have friends. What they need are parents. Speaker Bernie Les, Ph.D., Director of Insight Psychological Services, uses humor and practical ideas to explore the power struggle most parents have in the complex parent-child relationship. Often parents unwittingly give their power away. Participants will learn how they remain calm, implement good parenting plans and nurture healthy relationships. 

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Defiant Teens 
Our Family and Youth Education committee is hosted Effective Strategies for Dealing with Defiant Teens. Just about everything these days come with instruction manuals and warning labels, except children! Chandler E. Fleming, L.M.S.W., has worked with teens and parents for over 25 years. He will taught us the whys and hows to guide teens, restore control in the home and create a happier relationship with your teen! Topics included behavior modification, consequences, picking battles and communication. 

Waterford Youth Assistance Offered Love and Logic Parenting Classes starting Thursday, February 21, 2018.
Nickie Antoon, Early Childhood Specialist for Stepanski, presented a four week parenting class using the Love and Logic curriculum.

The Love and Logic parenting approach to raising kids teaches parents how to provide loving support while at the same time expecting kids to be respectful and responsible. The program is specifically designed for parents of children birth to 6 years of age and gives parents ideas for common problems such as bedtime battles, whining/arguing, misbehavior in public, power struggles, and more. While these classes are presented with young children in mind, the principles and techniques of Love and Logic are for children of all ages. The Love and Logic techniques will last for a lifetime and “up the odds” of the teenage years being happier ones! The benefit of learning Love and Logic early is that it gives parents plenty of time to practice” while the price tag of their children’s mistakes are affordable”.

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That's a Wrap! MOMS for moms Dine & Discover Series — Dinner and a Little Help Raising Your Middle Schooler!
The MOMS for moms Dine & Discover Series was fantastic. The finale was a generous donation of TED TALK time from Ted Braude, the boy whisperer. We asked it and he addressed itTED TALKs are a no-nonsense group dialog on young boys developing into men they were born to become! TED TALKS are conversational as well as highly engaging and interactive. Participants get input and direction that they can use immediately and put into practice easily with their student or child. 

Guest speaker, Ted Braude, the “boy whisperer” and founder of The BoysWork Project, is a License Master Social Worker and an expert on boys. An author, therapist, mentor, martial artist, and musician, he brings boys into young manhood helping them develop into the men they were born to become.  

MOMS for moms is a revived WYA program to strengthen youth and families through community involvement. If you are seeking an open forum to discuss motherhood, MOMS for moms is the avenue. MOMS for moms is partnering with The Well to have monthly discussions about real mom topics. Let us know if you have any topics that you would like to discuss. Stay tuned for fresh topics.

Bullying: What Parents Need to Know on November 16, 2017 
Waterford Youth Assistance and Pontiac Youth Assistance partnered to present Bullying: What Parents Need to Know on Thursday, November 16, 2017. Presenter, Julie McDaniel , Ph.D., educated the audience on the ever changing states of bullying, anti-bullying laws and policies, and what works in bullying prevention. She provided resources for protecting your child from bullying effects and ways to proceed if your child is being bullied or if you suspect your child is engaged in bullying behavior.

Looking for Bucket of Love Volunteers​
Unique to WYA, Bucket of Love is an intergenerational mentoring program bringing together seniors/retirees with elementary students. They meet weekly during the school year on a one-to-one basis, giving their time, talents and love. They engage in activities such as crafts, games, puzzles and lots of conversation. The Bucket of Love program seeks volunteers for all elementary schools. Contact WYA at 248.618.7383 or waterfordya@msn.com for details on how to become a Bucket volunteer.

ANGST: Breaking the Stigma around Anxiety Recap
Anxiety is one of the most common psychological complaints in the world. The Waterford Coalition for Youth, Waterford Youth Assistance and McLaren Oakland Hospital presented ANGST: Breaking the Stigma around Anxiety on Thursday, October 12. Participants learned that anxiety is a fear or nervousness of what might happen...the what ifs. All humans experience it. It only becomes a problem when it stops us from functioning. Escape is not a coping mechanism. Try exposure therapy like facing it. Reboot your brain like breathing, holding ice cubes, tapping your hands or create a calm environment. Don't give the negative emotions power. Try to talk to someone. Remember if you are the friend - Listen. Validate. Empathize. Remind them they are safe. Be a good friend and listen.

Waterford Photovoice Project
Waterford Youth Assistance, Waterford Coalition for Youth and the Oakland County Health Division are partnering to make Waterford youth voices heard! We are looking for Waterford students (ages 12-18) who have access to a phone with picture capability. Students will meet weekly to express their perspective about the growing problem surrounding substance abuse through photography. Photos and stories are presented to the community in order to raise awareness about selected topics. It’s a fun, creative way for youth to have a voice and create community awareness!

Waterford Photovoice Project will meet on Thursdays starting September 28 through November 9 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at 5150 Civic Center Drive. To register for the FREE Photovoice Project, contact Waterford Youth Assistance, Stacy Williams at 248.618.7383 or waterfordya@msn.com by Monday, September 18. 

Betty Fortino Phoenix Rise Above Challenge Scholarship
Congratulations to Jessica! She was selected as the 2017 recipient of the Betty Fortino Phoenix Scholarship winner. Best of luck to you furthering your education. 

Looking for an Opportunity to be a WYA Volunteer?
Waterford Youth Assistance (WYA) is a non-profit whose mission is to strengthen youth and families and to reduce the incidence of delinquency, abuse, and neglect through community involvement. WYA volunteer members:
Live or work within Oakland County.
Educate Waterford students and families through Shoplifting Prevention and Family and Youth Education programs. 
Mentor Waterford students and families through Bucket of Love, MOMS for moms and Mentors Plus programs.
Provide positive experiences for Waterford students and families through the Youth Recognition, Annual Meeting and Holiday Assistance events.
Financially support Waterford students and families through Youth Enrichment and Camp scholarships.
Share business expertise through Fundraising, Public Relations, Membership, Volunteer Recruitment and Executive committees.

WYA President Grant Smith Speaks About Mentors Plus
Each year at the Oakland County Coordinating Council Annual Breakfast Meeting, the organization highlights one of Youth Assistance’s programs for all the volunteers and dignitaries in attendance. This year the spotlight was on the Mentors Plus program, a community based mentoring program.
Our very own WYA president, Grant Smith, participated in the program. Following a speech from a parent of two students who have benefitted from Mentors Plus, Grant talked about his five year match with his mentee, Andrew, and his brother Aaron, whom he also mentors. From the getting to know each other phase to earning each other’s trust and respect, Grant talked about the changes he has seen in his mentees and all the fun activities and events they have shared together. 
Waterford currently needs volunteers for its Mentors Plus Program. Students are waiting to be matched. You can make a difference! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our office! 

Youth Enrichment Scholarships 
Waterford Youth Assistance offers Youth Enrichment scholarships to help a Waterford student attend an activity they might not be able to due to financial constraints. Applicants must meet the financial requirements with the W2, bridge card, disability or WSD free /reduced lunch program paperwork. 

Wired to Move: Successful Approaches to Teaching and Parenting Boys
WYA surveyed, you provided input and we listened! Our latest FREE parenting and educator program was geared toward parenting boys! Attendees learned how gender influences the developing brain and were taught ways to help their child be successful. 

Life is Busy. Distractions are Everywhere! 
If you didn't have the time...Life is busy. Distractions are everywhere! seminar was fantastic. Did you know that QUALITY time with your child is more important that QUANTITY? Making special (non-contingent) one-on-one time with your child improves delinquent behavior with the less likelihood of engaging in illegal behavior. Thanks to Dr. Daniel Klein, we created goals to enhance our parent/spouse/child relationships and will be working on them for the next 21 days! It creates a habit.

WYA's Family and Youth Education Committee Presented — Stress Management: Prevention Strategies & Stress Reduction
As part of a series of anxiety and stress seminars, Dr. Bernie Les addressed stress management, treatment and prevention. Attendees of this workshop received an in depth look at ways to manage stress that goes beyond what the popular literature tells us. Counting to ten, breathing, and controlling thoughts are only some of what works. We know so much more about the mind and where stress comes from, what it's made of and how to stop it. This presentation included information on concrete strategies to lower theses sources of stress, while changing some simple habits so that recurrence of stress is less likely. All this information is suited for both the first time attendee as well as those with a good foundational knowledge who wants to gain more knowledge.

Thank You WYA Supporters!
On behalf of the Waterford Youth Assistance office, thank you for your continuous support. Enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends. Remember that as volunteers and supporters of our nonprofit you are truly spreading good cheer throughout the year. Many of you have been so generous to WYA through your time, talents or monetary donation. WYA could not reach as many Waterford students and their families if we did not have your participation in our great cause. Thank you. 

Thanks for the Donations to the Waterford READS Book Drive 
Thank you for the book donations for the Waterford School District Waterford READS book drive. The Waterford READS initiative addresses one of the most critical needs to life-long success: reading at grade level by the end of the third grade. This unique community collaboration includes our schools, civic organizations, and business leaders throughout the community working together to ensure every child has access to books. Many children may not have books in their homes and arrive at school without the knowledge and experiences they need to achieve academic success. Our shared goal is to ensure that more families have the tools and resources they need to help our children become readers and learners. “Our goal is to ensure that every child has a book to call their own and to instill the love of reading so it becomes a life-long passion”, says Superintendent Keith Wunderlich. To learn more about Waterford READS visit www.wsdmi.org/reads.


Teresa Fortino, Charlie Fortino and Rion Snapp celebrate Rion receiving the Betty Fortino Phoenix Scholarship at the WYA Annual Meeting.
Teresa Fortino recognizes Noah Dunsmore as the recipient of the Betty Fortino award at the 31st Annual Youth Recognition Night.
Shoplifting Prevention Chairperson Howard Piotrovsky received the volunteer of the year award at the Annual Meeting. Thank you for all that you do for WYA.
Thank you Margie Greenfield, Grant Smith, Julie Brown and Ann LaBarge for your continued WYA executive committee leadership.
WYA office staff, Michele Liotino, and Oakland County caseworkers, Liz McGregor and Stacy Williams, serve the Waterford community.